Hamsa Hand Bath Bomb

Hamsa Hand Bath Bomb

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The Hamsa is recognised and used as a protective talisman in defense against the ‘evil eye’ and bringing good fortune, health and happiness.

Scented in relaxing ‘Avo Mint’ and highlighted in gold coloured trim, enjoy our Hamsa Hand Bath Bomb as a refreshing ritual.

Don't let the name fool you is a wonderfully sweet and fresh smelling scent. 

Top notes: Lemon, orange, mint leaf
Mid notes: Avocado, cyclamen, clove leaf, geranium, sage
Base notes: Vanilla, amber, leafy greens

DIRECTIONS: Place product into a warm bath and allow to dissolve. Use within 6 months for best results. Keep away from direct sunlight. As each item is handmade, colour shades may differ from batch to batch.

WARNINGS: For external use only. Ensure bath is clean of soap build up and rinse when finished to avoid colour transfer. Bath may be slippery. If products are handled as they are dissolving, colour transfer may occur. This is temporary. Wash with soap. We do not recommend use in older and/or porous bath tubs. Use in same is at own risk.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate. Citric Acid. Body Safe Fragrance. Polysorb 80. Kaolin Clay. Cream of Tartar. Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate. Grapeseed Oil.

Australian owned and made.       Not tested on Animals.