About Insence

Backflow Cones Benefits Burner

Incense releases fragrant smoke when burned. Incense is used in therapy, meditation, and ceremony. Incense may also be used as a simple deodorizer.

  • Sense of smell…the link between smells and brain response is very rapid.
  • Scents can rapidly adjust the atmosphere of a room but also in your mind and spiritual body.
  • Incense been used by so many cultures since ancient times.
  • Useful for meditation, and to create a space for ritual and ceremonial work. The smoke of the incense rising is a universal symbol of prayer and offering.
  • Incense is very practical in keeping a pleasant and relaxing home.  If you are trying to mask unpleasant scents, incense can take a poorly scented room and make it feel pleasant and relaxing.

No matter what purpose you use it for, incense can alter your frame of mind in a matter of seconds. Easy to use, and there are scents to choose from. You are sure to find an incense that fits your needs.

Incense is burned for the smells they produce. The fragrances of incense help focus your mind on achieving specific goals. Incense helps with meditation, spiritual guidance during a religious ceremony

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